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Welcome to my first post!

The time of year has come where we want to be thoughtful and get our friends and families wonderful gifts but there are so many options and you simply don’t know what to get. (Or you just don’t know what to get in general…)

Well look no further, my first day of Blogmas is dedicated to a ‘Gift Guide for Her’. I’ve got gifts that many girls would love from across three different price ranges.

[Please Note: None of these items are sponsored]

Less than £30:
So my first category is ‘Less than £30’ – these gifts are perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but you are still getting someone something useful for Christmas!

Chilly Bottles £25 (Can be personalised):

These bottles are everywhere nowadays and they are honestly the best! It keeps your drink cold or hot for ages so it is perfect all year round! Also, it comes in a bunch of unique designs, you can even personalise it to make it feel more special! I’m not sure about you, but when I have a pretty bottle I am much more likely to drink out of it, so who knows, this bottle may encourage your loved one to drink more. Not only are they getting a pretty bottle, they’re getting amazing health benefits too!  I’ve linked my personal favourites!


I am pretty certain you can get a scarf out there for less than £30 and this is great for the winter months. I’ve linked a few of my personal favourite scarves for you below! If anyone knows me well, I am a scarf collector. You can never have too many! Unless you live in a country where you get no winter months, then perhaps a scarf might not be the best choice. I feel like scarves are one of those accessories that pull together a winter outfit well and it keeps you warm. It’s a win-win really.

Debenhams tan slippers: £14

If you’ve always liked the UGG Slippers and think they are way too expensive for slippers, then look no further. (I’ve clearly watched one too many adverts lol). These Debenhams slippers do the job and look almost the same for a small fraction of the price. There’s something about these slippers that just feel like Christmas.

Huda Mini Palettes: £27

For all the make-up lovers out there, everyone needs some nudes! But no one needs a nude palette that is inconvenient to carry around. The Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions is perfect to, not only carry around, but also create that subtle every day look and a soft wearable glam look too! It comes in three shades so perfect for any skin tone! Although my personal favourite is the ‘Rich’ palette. This palette also comes in ‘Light‘ and ‘Medium.’ A perfect gift to pair with this would be the Real Techniques Eye Brush Set.

Photobook/Scrapbook: £15 or even less!

If you are on an extra budget then a scrapbook/photobook would be the perfect gift. My personal favourite apps to use are FreePrints and Photobox. With FreePrints I believe each month you get a certain number of prints free and all you need to do is pay for the shipping! You can easily get a photo album or scrap book from places like Hobbycraft or even your local supermarket. Super inexpensive and a thoughtful gift anyone would love!
I’d like to add, putting your face on a mug and gifting it is also great. My boyfriend uses his cup all the time. But be warned, you might be called a mug.


So in my mid-tier category, all the items are £150 or less. This is a perfect category if you have the little extra to spend.

Gym shark leggings: £30 – £65 approx.

Okay, I am definitely new to the Gym Shark bandwagon but now that I have jumped on it, I will never be getting off. There is just something about these leggings that give you that butt you’ve always wanted without even trying. When I first tried on Gym Shark leggings it actually motivated me to go gym more because my butt looked so good in those leggings that I wanted to gym so it would look even better! Aside from looking good, Gym Shark quality is amazing. Stretchy, no camel toe, and thick. Nothing is worse than when you are squatting with thin leggings and you can see your underwear. Also, who doesn’t love lounging around in leggings?! Gym shark does the job, comfortable to lounge around in and you look good! Comfy and stylish?? Sign me up! (Again, might have seen one too many adverts).

Astrid & Miyu Jewellery: £30 – £100

For those who love jewellery, the best place for stylish and pretty pieces is Astrid & Miyu. I think all their pieces are so elegant and beautiful and they are perfect for when you want to spice up an outfit.

Jo Malone Candles: £50 – £100

Do you ever see your partner or your mum buy a bunch of candles so the house can smell nice but when they burn the candle all you can smell is a faint fragrance mixed with a bit of a burning smell? Well I can assure you, Jo Malone candles are worth every penny. Within minutes your whole room will smell incredible and no smell of smoke. Also, Jo Malone products are very aesthetically pleasing to look at too! A perfect gift for those who love scents and decorating their home. My personal favourite is the Pomegranate Noir scent. If you are new to trying Jo Malone, I would recommend this scent to start off with as some of their other scents may be a bit stronger.
I’ve linked below the mini candles collection, which I think is a perfect gift as it gives the person a chance to experience a few of Jo Malone’s most popular smells.

Make-up Sets: £50 – £100

I think gift sets are great because a lot of them usually come with a cute make-up bag too! That’s like two gifts in one box. My favourite gifts set are usually from Dior and YSL. They always have the prettiest packaging and some amazing products in their gifts sets. Also, Boots have this Fenty Gloss Bomb box and any girl that loves gloss needs the Fenty Gloss Bomb in her life! But hurry before it goes out of stock! If you can’t find anything you like in Boots, usually John Lewis does great gifts too. Last year I got my friend a box of YSL lipsticks and it had about give mini lipsticks for just £54!

Perfume Sets: £50 – £150

Another one of my favourite things to get people are perfume sets. Usually around Christmas time these sets come with a body cream or a candle which is like getting two gifts in one box!

Daniel Wellington/Paul Valentine Watches: £150

There is nothing more perfect than a timeless and elegant accessory that one can wear every day. These watches are not only elegant but they are always stylish and looks good with almost any outfit. I personally have the Paul Valentine watch and I love it! It is so light weight and stylish and it adds that extra bit of elegance to my outfits but also that pop of colour on my wrist.
 The D.W. is currently on sale! Check it out before it is all gone. Also, many influencers advertise D.W. so you can definitely find a discount code somewhere for the cheeky extra % off!

How stunning is this one!

HP Sprocket Printer £69

This is a cute gift for those who like printing out photos or making scrapbooks, or in my case making my whole wall into a scrapbook. These print out credit card size photos that make it perfect for decorating with.

Foreo Luna – £110

So who doesn’t want clear skin? This is the best gift for those who love skincare and those who want clear glowy skin! Personally, I think just a cotton pad and make-up remover is not enough for clean skin. That is why I like to go in with a cleansing brush to lift the extra dirt out of my skin, leaving my skin clear and unclogged so I can go in with my skincare products. I think instead of buying cheap products that might not work, if you have the extra cash to spend, I would highly recommend this product. It’s also small and compact which makes it easy to pack when you go on holiday too!

Luxury £150+

For those that are feeling super generous with that extra to spare on your loved one, I’ve got a list of classic luxury items that are a must have!

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer £300

Okay, I know what you’re all thinking. Why on earth would anyone spend money on such an expensive hairdryer? Let me tell you, I have been saving for this hairdryer (Because it is pretty damn expensive!) but all my friends that have used this hair dryer have nothing but good things to say about it. It leaves hair feeling more nourished rather than dried out from using normal hairdryers and honestly, who wants coarse dry hair? Not me!  So why not gift your loved one nourished hair for Christmas this year? Their hair will thank you.

Burberry Cashmere Scarf £450

I know this is pretty expensive for a scarf but a Burberry Scarf is a luxury wardrobe staple! The colour scheme and design is so elegant and classy! Also, as it is cashmere it is definitely very warm and durable. I gifted my mum one about two years ago and I’m sure she wears it every winter day she can get and it is still in perfect condition. It is also one of those timeless pieces, so don’t worry about it going out of style. You’ll always be stylish and warm! Worth the investment if you ask me.

Gucci Belt £320

So do you remember when Gucci suddenly became really trendy and everyone wanted something Gucci? Well fear not, Gucci is not out of style any time soon. Nothing better than a statement Gucci belt to pull together an outfit. The Double G just gives your outfit the perfect pop of trend!

AirPods £150 – £260

Yes, I am another one of those AirPod users. However, all for good reason! I don’t think I’ve come across anything as convenient as AirPods. I could never go back to wired earphones now. You would think they would fall out of your ear but believe me, the things I do at the gym, I am surprised they haven’t fallen out! I also think the sound quality on the AirPods are amazing and now they’ve come out with the Pro version so extra soundproof! I have to say, the normal AirPods are not as soundproof as I would like them to be, so if you want super soundproof, I suggest investing in the Pro version which is slightly more expensive.

You can even get these personalised but I would suggest buying the normal AirPods from places like Amazon, John Lewis or Argos as they are usually cheaper than buying from the Apple store itself.

ByTerry Brightening CC serum (Sunny Flash) £66

Last but not least my absolute all time favourite product on this list! For those of you that love the natural skin look with a bit of colour and glow, this is the most perfect lightweight CC serum! I’d like to thank Lydia Millen for introducing this to me (check out her blog here) because this is probably the one holy grail I cannot live without. When I wear this people always ask me did I go on holiday because it simply gives that glowing tanned look everyone wants. It is on the more expensive side for a cc serum, but I promise you, you won’t regret it. Lydia raves on about this product and she’s not wrong about it! ByTerry are currently doing a gift set for Christmas which comes with a mini bottle too which I think is just perfect for carrying around or bringing with you on holiday!

Stocking fillers:

Make-up minis: I would suggest Benefit Cosmetics, Smashbox and Clinique, and Tom Ford – they usually do great minis. Boots is the best place for a variety of make-up minis.

Mini travel brushes: Real Techniques do the best travel brush sets and they’re actually compact!

Nail Polish: Boots/Superdrug usually do gift set for Essie nail polishes. I think this is one of the best brands of nail polishes you can get from the drugstore. Also, I simply love their nude shades!

Lipsticks: Why not pop in a MAC Ruby Woo for Christmas? The perfect shade of red or a MAC Whirl for a Mauve Nude.

Cute socks: Okay seriously, who does not like cat socks??

Bath bombs: Lush Lush Lush all the way! Why not leave your bath tub smelling like a Vanilla cupcake?

Jeffree Star Lip Scrubs: They smell amazing! Taste good too but wouldn’t recommend you eat your dead skin cells!

I hope you all enjoyed my ‘Gift Guide for her.’  Overall, Christmas is the time of year for gifting and enjoy spending time with your loved ones. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter about what you get someone but it’s more the thought that counts. Don’t feel like you have to stress over getting the perfect gift. Most people appreciate gifts regardless of what has been given as it’s mainly the gesture of giving that counts the most.

Please stay tuned for my next post as I am coming at you with a ‘Gift Guide for Him’ (the hardest one in my opinion!) in my next Blog post.

Until next time,

H x