Healthy Habits for 2020 – post quarantine!

[Cover image by: @jclinevintage on Instagram]

Here are some healthy habits you can pick up in 2020 so you can start feeling better mentally and physically.

  1. Sleep earlier!
    For all you night owls that like to stay up
     until 3am watching the weird side of YouTube, yes myself included, this is the time to start fixing your sleeping pattern for the better! Try and set yourself a certain time you should be in bed by. That means lights off, and no phones or any other electronics! Ideally you should be setting an alarm everyday making sure you only sleep the right number of hours for your body, under and oversleeping is not good for you! 
  2. Healthy Eating!
    I know healthy eating is expensive and hard at times but if you set yourself a small goal to work towards, it becomes a little bit easier. There is no need to suddenly force yourself to eat healthy seven days a week but rather something more realistic like aiming to eat on healthy meal three days a week. It’s something small but better than nothing and you’ll feel better because you are actually achieving the goals you set.
  3. Be more active!
    The NHS recommend an average adult should aim to do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week. That is approx. 25 minutes a day. Whether it is brisk walking or running for the train (or running around chasing your pets), set this as a starting point in your active lifestyle. Who knows, after 25 minutes a day you might even want to increase it to an hour. Set a goal you know you can achieve because once you do achieve the goal, you are more likely to want to continue. 
  4. Cook it yourself
    Instead of spending a lot of money at a restaurant, start cooking your own meals
    . You’ll save a lot more and you’ll know exactly what is going into your food. You might not be the greatest chef out there but there is no harm in trying. If you fail just try again. You need to think, it is not about failing, it is the effort that you put in that counts. It is okay to fail, as long as you tried you can still feel good about yourself! Honestly, I am a terrible cook, but eventually after failing several times, I’ve made edible food!
  5. Don’t give up
    I am sure everyone has plenty if goals they want to achieve.
     The issue is, when people fail, they immediately give up altogether! A healthy habit to have for your own mental health is to try again even if you do fail. The greatest success stories don’t come without some failures
  6. Don’t overwork yourself Even though I say don’t give up, and you shouldn’t, sometimes tell yourself it is okay to take a break. You shouldn’t constantly be pulling long hours or over exerting yourself. Sometimes just make sure you get some time to attend to your needs rather than everyone else’s.
  7. Be a little selfish Now, normally I wouldn’t promote being selfish but when it is for yourself, sometimes that’s okay. As someone who is constantly always working to please my parents, it’s taken me years to realise it was making me unhappy. I got this degree and office job to make them happy, and now I’m miserable in my job. I don’t want you guys to make that same mistake. I’m not saying suddenly quit your job and chase your dreams (unless you want to) but sometimes think before you do something. Is this really going to make you happy?

I hope this post has helped you to reflect on things you can do to improve how you feel mentally and physically. It’s definitely not a one step process but working towards it and slowly making progress is better than none at all.

Stay safe out there everyone and I’ll speak to you soon! (Back on this blog now! I want to achieve maybe 50-100 posts by the end of the year!)

H x

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